Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac

The Islands are beckoning. There’s reggae music, soft white sand, clear blue water and a lot of palm trees with coconuts just waiting for you to plop down in that lounge chair while a beach waiter brings you something cold and delicious to drink, with a little fruit-covered umbrella decorating your glass.

Grand Cayman Diving and Water Activities

Ahhh, now that is the life, eh, sitting on a beautiful beach and being waited on hand and foot. So why are you still here in the States and not jetting off to the Caymans, where three islands; not one, offer you everything you could dream of for summer fun and relaxation?

They have water activities of all kinds (diving, snorkeling – with or without the stingrays, fishing, boating, kayaking…) and you don’t have to worry about equipment either, as they rent it all on the islands. They’ve got dive boats, luxury catamarans, dive gear, banana boats, regular-priced catamarans, sailboats, snorkel gear, wave runner, windsurfing, and water skiing equipment, as well as photo equipment – in the event you left your camera at home, or it broke while you have been on the island.

Grand Cayman Cruises

In addition to the water activities, Grand Cayman also offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy dinner cruises, specialty cruises and a sunset cruise. Definitely take the dinner cruise, I found it to be the most tranquil meal I have had yet, as you are anchored far from the shore amidst a solemn quietness that is only interrupted by sounds of the gentle waters lapping at the boat beneath you, while the boat’s five-star staff serve you one of the best fresh seafood meals you will find. And not to be outdone by the food and the ambience, the Sun above sets at just the right time during the cruise, displaying a visual grandeur you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else on earth.

Grand Cayman Trips

Craving a little more “hands on” adventure? Grand Cayman also offers some other excursions on the water: Glass-bottomed boat trip, for those who prefer to stay dry while on the water. There are also trips to Grand Cayman’s Stingray City, where you can snorkel with stingrays; or just snorkel.

Not a Diver – Go Underwater in a Submarine

Not all Grand Cayman water sports and activities occur on top of the water, or even several feet below, some occur as deep as 800 and 1,000 feet down, well below the surface of the ocean, but offering a wonderful opportunity to explore the great unknown from the comfort of a dry seat.

Be able to take advantage of seeing the things that the Cayman’s are known for without having to address your fears about diving: deep cliff drop-offs, colorful reefs covered with a variety of fish, and coral reefs that amaze you with their colorful beauty; which, by the way, can be seen up close on unique jewelry created in the Caymans–and displayed for tourists shopping in Georgetown, a duty-free experience.

But What about Us Landlubbers?

Since there are many visitors who make the trek to Grand Cayman and her sister islands for other reasons besides nautical ones, let’s look at some of those enticing activities as well.

Artsy Stuff

If you are going in April, you will make it in time to enjoy the annual Cayman Island’s Art Festival, which includes Cayman Brac as well (the tiniest sister island). In addition, there are theatre productions and art and craft workshops you can attend.

Birds and Bats

But if nature is your focus you will be better served by going to Queen Elizabeth II’s Botanical Park and Garden, where birds and bats can be watched as one of the Park’s tour guides answers questions about each, providing names of the 50 types of birds as well. The Cayman’s unique eco system will be discussed too, making this an educational outing in addition to a pleasurable one, killing two birds with one stone (pun not intended, please no rock throwing at me or the birds).

Anything Else?

If you are still not convinced that these three islands offer everything you could desire in a vacation, let me just add that Cayman’s numerous beaches (including the famed seven-mile beach) offer tourists many unique and different sunbathing opportunities that you just can’t find on a single beach in a single town.

In addition to everything else you can do in the Caymans, the city of Georgetown provides a plentiful choice of venues for nightlife lovers to visit, an assurance that cuisine aficionados will not be disappointed with their dining options on the islands and duty-free shopping that will actually save you money over buying in the States(think perfumes, jewelry, clothing, etc.).

The Turtle Farm, in West Bay, is also a big attraction with visitors who want to stick close to shore, and if you haven’t ever been to Hell, well, now’s your chance: Minus fire and brimstone, of course.

Hell is a little city on Grand Cayman that is more reminiscent of some barren town in the desert than the place where good God-fearing people (like the Caymanians), avoid at all cost. But it does offer tourist the chance to send back a postcard stamped “from Hell” to astonished family and friends in the States, so everyone makes the trek there, if only for that.

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