• Everyone Uses the T – From business people in suits, to college kids, moms with strollers, tourists, and the working class, everyone takes the T. Boston’s public transportation system is much different than other cities public transportation system, because everyone of all social classes takes the T for public transportation. It is much different from Los Angeles where only the poor take public transportation, and everyone else drives. There is no stigma that comes with riding the T. It is simply the easiest and most convenient way to get around Boston.
  • To Save Money, Buy a Pass – If you are in Boston for only 1 day or 1 week interval, and will be doing a lot of sightseeing, buying an MBTA pass will save you a lot of money. Each T fare costs $1.70 per person per trip. But the one day T pass is $9.00, while the one week T pass is $15.00. Taking the T is the easiest and cheapest way to get around Boston, so buy a short term day or weekly pass if you will be using the T a lot.
  • Avoid the Green Line During Rush Hour – The Green Line on the T is over capacity, since it has routes above ground and has to stop at red lights at intersections with cars. Therefore, the trains have to be much shorter since the Green Line cannot back up traffic. With the Green Line over capacity, it is not uncommon for people to be packed like sardines standing up in the Green Line T cars. When traveling and exploring Boston, time your sightseeing so that you avoid the Green Line during rush hour. The Green Line Serves most of the Back Bay / Fenway Area including the Museum of Fine Arts.
  • The Green Line has 4 different Lines – Each of the 4 lines (B, C, D, and E) go to different destinations, so if you get on the wrong train, you will not pass the stop you want, and you will be headed to completely the wrong area. Refer to the T map to see which line your stop is on. The train lines split past Copley going outbound. Each train has a letter on the front of it corresponding to the line it runs on. Make sure your stop is on that line before boarding the train. Once you get used to this, the Green Line is very easy to navigate.
  • Get a Charlie Card – Instead of getting a Charlie Ticket that the electronic kiosks where you pay $2.00 per fare, get a Charlie Card and pay $1.70 per fare on the T. Charlie Cards are completely free, and in South Station, they have them out on the counter in front of the gate to enter the T underground. Just ask any MBTA official for one. To load them, tap your card to the target on the electronic kiosk, press add value, then you can select to pay with cash, debit card, or credit card. Charlie Cards will store value as long as you hold onto them, and they can last for years.
  • You Cannot Load Value at the Above Ground Stops – With the Green Line and Silver Line above ground stops, you will have to either use your preloaded Charlie Card or pay with cash on board on the T. All the underground stops on the T have electronic kiosks to load value on your Charlie Card or Charlie Ticket.

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