(Image is of sunset over Ixtapa Bay, Mexico.)

Over the spring this year, I had the opportunity to travel across Mexico. Whether it was visiting historical monuments in Mexico City, relaxing in the incredible resorts of Ixtapa, or the fascinating underground river at Xcaret, I not only thoroughly enjoyed myself but also learned a great deal about Mexico’s transformation over the last century.

For the past century, Mexico has experienced many different phases of peace and freedom contrasted with warfare and violence. Many problems have come and gone within the country, including foreign intervention, revolts and unrest, and the drug traffic issue. However, in the past couple of decades, with the advent and increase in globalization and international trade, Mexico has begun to emerge as a large player on the world stage, spurring travel and commerce throughout the country.

Mexico has become a prime destination for travelers like me due to its warm climate and accessibility. Large bulks of travelers come from North America since it is only a quick plane trip or cruise away and is just far away to feel relaxing. Resort towns such as Acapulco and Ixtapa have gained traction internationally as people recognize Mexico’s beaches and resorts as an escape from the harsh winters at home.

As developed countries have required more and better sources of food, they have begun to outsource food production to countries in more tolerant environments. For example, fresh fruits and vegetables can sometimes only grow in warm climates, and therefore can’t always be grown in the winter at higher latitudes. Mexico has developed an agriculture based on supplying other countries, especially the United States, during the winter months. Mexico’s temperate climate makes it perfect for warm weather fruits and vegetables, and its location makes it great for transporting up north rapidly.

More recently, industry has begun to spur up in Mexico, both as a result of domestic and international demand. Due to its status as a developing country, Mexico provides investors and prospectors with cheap land for factories and cheap labor to stock them. It is very inexpensive to develop factories in urban regions in Mexico, and many large international companies have done so. Car manufacturing has grown rapidly as Mexico’s population asks more and more of its economy, and textiles and other essentials manufacturing have also grown.

Through the last few decades, Mexico has rapidly transformed itself from a country torn apart by violence, to a budding, developing nation. The future looks bright for Mexico, as more growth and prosperity is on the horizon. It’s truly a fascinating country to tour, be it relaxing in a resort town or unraveling its national treasures.

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