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Thailand has a uniqueness that is truly their own. Although I have traveled to Asia ten times, everything about Thailand was new and exciting. It is a feast of delightful adventures that I will long remember. With a wonderfully almost- perfect tropical climate, you can visit Thailand all year. Get away from the pressures of everyday living. Visitors will find deserted beaches, mountain retreats, African- style jungles with elephants and tigers, monasteries, Buddhist Temples, and everything you could hope for in a vacation!

Many people do not realize they can have the Thailand Tourist Authority arrange for a theme tour ‘” Wellness and Health, Cooking and Restaurants, Natural Healing, Meditation, Bird Watching, Safari, Medical Tourism, Shopping, Spas, and/ or Custom Tours of Thailand.

Are you interested in unique settings for weddings? What about the thrills of a safari in the jungle? Thailand has something for everyone. I prefer to see a wide variety of attractions which will surprise and delight me. Thailand has exciting authentic recipes of some amazing traditional dishes. You can even taste cuisine from Italy, China, Japan, or western-style dishes. Non-Thai cuisine brings many more choices to travelers.


1.) Staying at some of the luxury hotels for the price we would pay at a Holiday Inn in the United States is just one of the benefits of traveling to Thailand! Many hotels treat their guests like royalty. New guests often receive flowers when they arrive. You may see Lotus Blossoms decorating the lobby, your room and throughout the hotel.

2.) Best of all, the exchange rate ($1.00 =34.7545 BAHT) allows you to savor your surroundings at more reasonable rates.

3.) With some tours, you will receive recipes from the cooking school or restaurants where you dine. Some recipes were served to the king!

4.) “Look for the Sign”- The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) advises tourists to look for the Jewel Fest Club sign before buying gems and jewelry in Thailand. Jewel Fest Club is a non-profit organization which is under the supervision of the TAT. They are actively engaged in setting merchandise standards at reasonable prices for tourists and local customers. A certificate is issued for each purchase from JFC member stores. If customers are not satisfied with the merchandise, they can return it with a money-back guarantee. JFC wants to create a positive image for Thailand’s gem and jewelry industry. They set the standards for retail businesses and assist to educate consumers about how to buy gems and jewelry.

Tourist Information

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT): New York City, New York and Los Angeles, California.

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