Traveling between Las Vegas, Nevada’s McCarran International Airport and Phoenix, Arizona’s Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport requires a flight distance of about 256 miles. Going to Las Vegas from Phoenix generally means flying on a northwest direction for at least an hour. In certain cases, travel time can take a little longer, especially if taking indirect flights that need a stopover in another city.

Two of the most popular airlines with flights to and from Las Vegas and Phoenix are U.S. Airways and Southwest Airlines. They both offer direct flights to these two cities. Delta Airlines also provides some daily flight options, but their itineraries typically include a stopover.

U.S. Airways

U.S. Airways, along with U.S. Airways Express, has direct flights to and from Las Vegas and Phoenix with travel time of about an hour. For U.S. Airways Express, it is an airline brand name used by the regional airline and commuter services of Mesa Airlines. The headquarters of U.S. Airways and U.S. Airways Express is in Tempe, Arizona. This Star Alliance member’s frequent flyer program is called Dividend Miles and its airport lounge is called the U.S. Airways Club.

When searching for Las Vegas to Phoenix or Phoenix to Las Vegas flights in various travel sites, this airline option often appears and it usually offers the cheapest flights. As its daily itineraries counting about 200 destinations in 30 countries are concentrated within North and South America, Europe and Middle East, many international and domestic travelers going to the tourist city of Las Vegas usually have stopover flights in Phoenix.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines features practical non-stop flights between Las Vegas and Phoenix on a daily basis. This Dallas-based airline company is one of the biggest domestic carriers when it comes to the number of passengers carried everyday. It operates throughout the United States and its frequent flyer program is called Rapid Rewards.

Southwest Airlines flies in over 70 destinations. It operates more than 3,000 flights per day with a handful traveling to and from Las Vegas and Phoenix. It utilizes a fleet of over 550 aircrafts.

Delta Air Lines

A major player both in the international and domestic airline scene, Delta Air Lines provides extensive flights in various destinations around the United States and many other countries in all continents, except Antarctica. This Georgia-based airline features daily flights in between Las Vegas and Phoenix with either a stopover in Los Angeles or Salt Lake City. Because of this, it usually takes about three hours when traveling between the said cities.

Delta has a fleet size of over 700 and it is the founding member of the SkyTeam alliance. Its frequent flyer program is called SkyMiles. Its preferred travelers are also entitled to its airport lounge called the Delta Sky Club. This airline option, along with its subsidiaries, operates over 4,000 flights everyday.

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