Guide to Michigan Technological University Dorms

Michigan Technological University has a choice of three different dorms, each with its own size and definite flavor. It is helpful to have an idea about each one when choosing which one to live in or knowing what to expect if you’ve already been assigned to one.

There are a lot of variables depending on what floor you live on and area. Some have mixed genders in certain areas. Other floors are designated 21 and over only, while others are chemical free.

The first dorm that is closest is Douglas Houghton Hall (DHH). This dorm is the smallest and oldest of the three. It is also known as the quietest, although not always true. There are three floors in this building, not including the basement. Residents should be aware that there are no elevators in this building, and that it is not very handicap accessible. All rooms are outfitted with their own steam heat radiator, which at times can be fairly loud knocking in the winter. There are high windows in the outside rooms, which is helpful to lighten them up and make them seem bigger. Luckily residents in this dorm do not have to deal with cinderblock walls, but still are not allowed to make holes in the wall. This dorm has a bar that runs across the top of the rooms that you can hang things from. Another thing to note about these dorms is that each floor has notably different ceiling heights. As you move up in the building they get progressively lower.

The basement of DHH has most of the recreation areas. There is a large theatre area converted into a study area. It has some couches and tables and is quite comfortable. In the basement you can also find the laundry area, music practice room, kitchenette, and recreation area. The recreation area has soda and snack machines as well as pool, air hockey, weight room and more.

DHH also features a sauna on the first floor. This unisex sauna is tucked out of the way and isn’t often used.

This dorms cafeteria is located on the first floor. It is the smallest, but is very warm feeling. There are two fireplaces no longer used on either end of it, and nice solid tables. They have a very open concept area where you pick up your food.

The second dorm away from campus is Wadsworth Hall. It has been said that it is the largest non-military dormitory under one roof and spans quite a distance along highway 41 that splits the campus in two. These dorms are known to be the loudest. In the past some floors have been alive with the sound of networked gamers. Restrooms here are sometimes locked, although students do prop open the doors a lot of times. This dorm has had the most remodeling on it recently. The suites are located in this dorm.

This dorm’s recreational things are also in the basement. They have similar entertainments but it is more isolated away from the other parts, whereas in DHH everything runs together due to its smaller size. There are gender-separated saunas located in the basement.

The Campus Café, which is open late nights. Dining dollars from the student meal plans can be spent here on hot foods, snack foods, and assorted drinks. TV’s are mounted on the ceilings. Mostly it is furnished with wooden tables, but there are a few couches.

Also in the basement of Wads, is where the campus radio station WMTU broadcasts. It is just a tiny office way back in the bowels of the basement.

Wads cafeteria is the largest of all three. It used to have the worst as far as food goes, but since they renovated some are so bold as to say it is the best. There are a lot of events that happen in this cafeteria at night due to its size.

The last dorm is McNair Hall. This dorm is located on the same side of the highway as Wadsworth, but is further down from campus. This dorm has the feel of being two separate parts and is referred to as east and West McNair. West McNair is built into a square outline shape. This area houses the international students mostly. On the first floor of this side there is a common area that also houses a large fireplace. In the lower area that heads over to the east side, there is a TV, couch, chairs and an air hockey table.

East McNair is five stories tall and has large windows that overlook the Portage canal or, in the back, quite a few trees and a small road. The heaters in McNair give off a very dry heat. The air is often very dusty also. There is one kitchenette generally per floor. Each floor also has its own laundry facilities and there is one main laundry area in the basement also. The closets are generally large in this dorm, and the walls are cinderblock. The largest rooms are on the first floor and some have skylights. Noise levels are generally medium in this area.

The basement in this dorm contains a workout room, unisex sauna, and some recreational equipment.

So that is a little about each of the dorms. Each has its own flavor and location. This guide should help you to identify which is the best for you.

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