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Everyone wants to save money these days. Once you decide where you want to go there are few cost variables in vacation planning. Saving money on fuel costs can be especially important. No matter if you are traveling to Oak Ridge from Knoxville for vacation or going across the country (or farther) these fuel saving tips can help you make your dollars take you just a little farther.

Fuel saving tips for travelers #1

Keep up to date on your vehicle maintenance. Make sure that routine maintenance is done according to your manufacturer’s recommendations. Doing so can not only increase the gas mileage but it can lengthen the life of your vehicle.

Fuel saving tips for travelers #2
Air Filter:
It may not seem like much but that clogged air filter can cost you by causing too much gas to be burned.

Fuel saving tips for travelers #3
Change the oil on schedule.
A clean engine is a happy engine. It burns fuel more efficiently than a dirty engine and can increase your mpg.

Fuel saving tips for travelers #4
Spark plugs.
A misfiring spark plug can make your engine skip or run rough. It can also make the engine consume more fuel.

Fuel saving tips for travelers #5
Check your tires.
Did you know that underinflated tires make your car work harder to keep up speed? Get in the habit of checking your tires at every other fill up.

Fuel saving tips for travelers #6
Drive conservatively.
Aggressive driving behavior is terrible for your fuel economy. Sudden starts and stops are hard on brakes, tires and gas consumption. Speeding up and slowing down excessively also increases the amount of gasoline that you use. Speeding has the same effect. Slow down and leave the aggressive driving to the other guy.

Fuel saving tips for travelers #7
Don’t idle.
Leaving your engine idling gets you 0 miles per gallon, it’s bad for the environment and uses more gas.

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