When most people think about Travelocity, they think only in terms of booking hotels and airfare. As someone who travels on a regular basis, I look at the site as a wealth of knowledge. I look at the site as one that collects information that would take me hours to find online, or would cost me the price of a travel guide. There are uses for Travelocity other than simply booking hotel and airfare. In case you are wondering, I am using Travelocity for this article since the listings there are the most extensive of any travel site.

What to Do

When planning a trip, people will often spend hours online trying to figure out what the top attractions are around the area where they are travelling. Little do they realize that they can figure out what the top attractions are in any area by looking through the basic hotel listings on Travelocity. I would say that this could be the most overlooked feature of the site.

Almost every hotel on Travelocity lists the attractions that they are near. By looking at a few hotel listings for any city, you can easily find out what the most popular tourist destinations are. Since people often book hotels right by the attractions that they want to visit, the people who list the hotel information have taken the time to appease these travelers by pointing out how close they are to the major destinations around town.

Where to Dine

If hotels are near award-winning restaurants, they are usually going to point this out on their Travelocity page. If there is an award-winning restaurant connected to the hotel, you are sure to have at least one paragraph given to promoting this. The people at Travelocity know that popular and exquisite dining are what many people look for while on vacation and they try to press the issue with the hotels that list using their site.

What to See

If you look up in the upper right corner of almost any page on Travelocity, you will see a listing for “Activities.” This is the section of the site where you can purchase tickets for the top shows in many major cities. Travelocity pretty much only lists the most popular shows in these sections. You can rest assured that if a show is listed here, it would be worth seeing.

Full Planning

Recently, Travelocity release their new “Experience Finder” and it is set to change the way people plan vacations and business trips. This is a beta application that they are working on that will help you plan your entire trip. While there are only a limited number of cities in which you can use this application for, there should be more in the near future.

While you are using Experience Finder, you will note that it will help you not only plan on which airline to fly with and which hotel to stay at, it will help you plan your entire itinerary from shows to dining to attractions. It is like having your own trip coordinator. There is no obligation required for using this app. Hopefully, this will be expanded soon so that many others can use Experience Finder to save themselves time and money.

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