Being a student and wanting to go on spring break seems impossible. I have dug through the internet and came up with these 4 companies that are offering special deals. If you want more information regarding their deals, log into the web and browse their website.

The first website is . This website had round trip air fares for as low as $86-. To San Francisco you are looking at $86- for a round trip ticket. Miami is $109- for a round trip ticket and Milan is $394-. Going to Madrid? You are looking at $428-. This does seem like a good deal, however your nearest airport needs to be participating. If they don’t you won’t qualify for the discount. You also need to get the date that they are allowing this discount. If you pick another date, you may be paying double the price.

At, American Airlines is offering 10% off to college students. Yes this seems to be a lot but, only participating colleges can take part of this. They have a list of approximately 35 colleges that are listed. You need to select your college from this list and then enter your student id #. If the flight is not on or participating in the 10% student fare, then sorry your out of luck.

When I went to , I ran into the same thing. You need to purchase your group fare and then you qualify for a higher discount. Depending on how many people are in your group, you could save as much as 30% off. They don’t have just airfares here though. You can book a group fare on a cruise, flight or motel rooms. The motels alone are offering 30% off. This is the best place I found but yet again, if you want to book a flight it needs to be participating on the list.

I went to . Again I checked on a departure date and an arrival date and the airport and number of people. It states that you can get an additional discount if you go through the special of clicking on a participating web sight. I didn’t get very far with this one. I was checking the departure air port as Pittsburgh PA and arriving in Hawaii. I didn’t get anything. The only thing it would say was that no flights were available.

So I guess I had some luck in some areas but not in all of them. I was really excited when I found the 30% off, but who goes in a group of 5 or 6. Normally it is you and 2 others at max. If you are capable of getting that many people together then all more for you. You get a bigger discount.

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