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14 Beautiful Italian Girl Names in 2019

italian baby girl names

What is the most romantic thing about a Lady? 58% of guys agreed that a Lady’s name is the first thing they love. Now, we all know that there is something special, so romantic and lovely about an Italian girl’s name. Here are 14 Italian girl names that may just have you waving ciao to the rest of your baby name list.

italian baby girl names

14 Beautiful Italian Girl Names


It’s no surprise this Italian name meaning “beautiful” and also hot, hot, hot right now. Although it’s dropped slightly from its #1 spot in 2010 as the most popular girl name, this is a lovely moniker that’s still firmly ensconced in the Top 10 girl names year after year.


The second name to make this list is Aria. Are you expecting a future songster? This lyrical “melody” of a name is quickly becoming a popular choice among parents, huge thanks to popular (and strong!) female characters in TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and Game of Thrones. Aria now holds a strong meaning.


There’s something so which is specifically beautiful and feminine about Alessandra and the lilting way it just rolls off the tongue. When combined with its fierce meaning of “defender of mankind,” and you’ve got one powerhouse of a name.

I specially like Alessandra, it’s meaning and pronunciation.


This is the Italian version of Lilian, makes a great alternative for the way-too-trendy Lily.


Ah, mi Carina (“little darling”), and we all know that this name has “care” in it. what a sweet endearment of a name for a sweet little girl. As an added bonus (if such things matter to you), this name is nowhere near the top of the name charts, which means it is not yet popular and you’d pretty much be guaranteed to have the only Carina at the playground.


The meaning of Valentina is Bold and exotic, and we all know that Valentina is gaining ground as a mainstream name, big thanks to Salma Hayek, who chose it for her firstborn daughter. And, hey, if it’s good enough for Salma’s little girl, then it’s good enough for you and your angel too.


The name of a charming Tuscan town, Siena, makes for a romantic name for any little beautiful girl. And thanks to hipster actress Sienna Miller, this moniker is really coming into its own.


Can’t you just picture the Godfather saying this elegant name? Caterina sounds exotic and feminine for a girl. A quintessentially Italian girl name, Caterina, is a version of the classic Katherine.

Katherine and Caterina both mean the same thing as “pure,” but with a tad more bombshell added in.


Adriana refers to the Northern Italian city of Adria, Adriana (sister to the boy name Adrian), is an understated and refined moniker fit for any precious Bambina and sounds beautiful, lovely.


This beautiful Italian name which means “light” is a fresh alternative to the far more popular names like Kiera, Claire, or Cara.


Who needs cute and sweet Lucy when you’ve got fiery and strong Luciana? I’ll opt for Luciana anytime and anywhere.


Rosa may sound a bit matronly at first, but like it’s English counterpart, Rose, The name Rosa holds a certain amount of vintage charm that just may appeal to parents looking for something a little more exotic than Rose.


Another wonderful Italian baby girl’s name is Gianna. This popular girl name in Italy is finally making waves here in the US and has quickly made it to the Top 100 girl name.

Yes, even Kobe Bryant has a daughter named Gianna now. Talk about making it big time.


Hmmm, I hope it won’t hurt to say that this name is a very much prettier spelling variation of the classic Leah. Lia holds the cheerfully optimistic meaning “bringer of good news.” It’s also a gorgeous alternative to the super-popular Amelia.

  • I hope you love these names? Which name is your best pick?
  • Do you have any other lovely Italian girl names for Us?

We’ll surely look into it and add it to this list!

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