Adventure Travel: The Desert

Explore the Desert for an Unforgettable Adventure

Take a Trip to the Desert

Jaunting through the desert isn’t for the timid. Depending on where the desert is you can experience strong weather changes. It can be over 100 degrees in the morning and go down to to extremely cold at night. Sand that stretches out for miles and miles, hostile ground that seems to go on and on and an extraordinary silence is characteristic of numerous desert areas.

Deserts in the United States

If you live in the United States you never have to leave the country to see the desert. Adventure travelers can visit California and discover the desert. The Mojave Desert, Anzo-Borrega State Park and Death Valley are located in the US. The Valley of Fire State Park is a perfect example of a low desert. Andthough these are all deserts they are extremely different.

Deserts Outside the US

Overwhelming temperature is often the main characteristic of deserts around the world. The Sahara Desert is an enormous desert area extending for miles and miles. The Namibia in Africa also boasts overwhelming temperatures. The animals in these countries are astounding. Desert elephants range the Namibia. The Australian Outback is a bleak apparently abandoned desert area while the Wadi-Rum in Jordan is what desert legends are made of.

Getting Prepared for Your Desert Trip

The most important thing any traveler can do when heading out to a desert destination is to be prepared. The sun can destroy and burn in minutes. Nearly all deserts are exceedingly unreachable. Take adequate amounts of water, gasoline for cars and protection, such as sunscreen and clothing, from the sun. Never go out without a head covering and sunscreen.

Find out where you can venture on your own. Be conscious of what is required from travelors. For example, in Africa they don’t want you feeding the wildlife. Be respectful of local customs, cultures and people. Have an itinerary and stick to it. If you are going to explore away from the a guided tour make sure one of your friends know where you are going. Never go off into a desert without alerting another person. The results can be deadly. Although desert travel can sound daunting it can be an amazing experience. The landscapes are breathtaking and the sites you will see unforgettable. A few basic precautions are all that is required for a fun desert holiday.

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