A Guide to Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD

Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD is a calm campus filled with caring teachers and administrators. But one of the main reasons that students do not choose to come to this private university is the fact that there is practically nothing to do in or around the campus.

Emmitsburg, MD is a historic small town that contains no retail stores or large chain restaurants (besides McDonald’s), so a student must travel at least 20 minutes away for entertainment.

Yet for history buffs, Gettysburg, PA (which is about 20 minutes away from Mount St. Mary’s) is a great place to go. Gettysburg battlefields, for example, are a popular tourist spot, where guided tours are available.

A popular college destination are the Gettysburg outlets, a small outlet area, but very nice nonetheless. Some stores in this complex include Nike, Pac Sun, Aeropostale and Christmas Tree Hill. A food court is also in the outlets.

Additionally, the Gettysburg Outlets recently constructed a new cinema. It is absolutely gorgeous and offers a multitude of movies.

A new restaurant, T.G.I.Friday’s is only steps away from the outlet and is rising in popularity. If TGIFriday’s does not suit you, check out The Gingerbread Man in Gettysburg, another popular college hang out.

Unfortunately, Gettysburg becomes old fast; the only other city 20 minutes away is Taneytown, MD, which boasts McDonald’s, Baskin’ & Robbins, Pizza Hut and some small town diners. Therefore, as you can imagine, Taneytown is not a popular area.

The metropolis of Westminster, MD is 40 minutes away from the campus, but most kids do not want to travel that far. But if travel doesn’t bother you, Westminster has every department store one can imagine, tons of restaurants, a mall and more!

Because of the lack of places to go outside of campus, the Student Affairs Office is constantly planning events to take place on-campus. Small, usually unknown, bands perform, comics frequent the campus, and even organized sports occur.

This year will be the ultimate year of on-campus activities, as it is The Mount’s Bicentennial celebration.

With the Bicentennial, a new on-campus apartment complex is under construction. This spot will definitely be the place to live for many years to come. The current apartment complexes, however, are also quite nice and come fully equipped with kitchens are small living room areas.
Unfortunately, the other dorm rooms are not as nice. The LOFT, the dorm for students who pledge not to drink, is in great need of renovation; other dorms such as The Terrace need some fix-ups as well.

Also in accordance with the Bicentennial, a new student union (the first true student union), is in the works, a place where students can study, socialize, and of course have a cup of coffee or latee.

Currently, students can only socialize in the McGowan Center. Lower McGowan has two large screen televisions and a pool table as well as club offices, the Commuter Computer Lab and Commuter Lounge (which is about 6 feet by 6 feet). Upper McGowan includes the bookstore, mailboxes and a few couches and small televisions.

The Mount bookstore is above average for a small university. It is a clean, fully stocked place that is always receiving shipments of brand new apparel and other accessories! Unfortunately, because The Mount is not in a large city, students become forced to either purchase their books from the Mount’s store or from an online retailer.

Even though Mount St. Mary’s doesn’t have the perks of being in a large town, the students on-campus get to truly bond as they partake in activities. Since The Mount is so small, they are constantly seeking people to join clubs.

I am a member of The Mountain Echo staff, the school weekly paper. The paper always needs new writers! Other clubs include The Pirdwin (the Mount St. Mary’s yearbook), the Student Government Association (SGA), the newly formed Campus Activities Board (CAB), The Irish Club, and many, many more!

Many Mount students also join club sports, which are given almost as much attention as the Division I sports, such as basketball.

Mount St. Mary’s University is a great school, academically it is wonderful, just be prepared to come to a quiet area where most activities happen on campus.

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