A Back to School Transition Guide

Going back to school can be tough. Many people’s schedules change during the summer. For some, it is a more relaxing schedule. For others, it is just as hectic as during the school year.

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Here are some tips for a smoother transition for getting back to school.

Back to School Transition Guide

Most schools require summer reading. I suggest not waiting for the last minute to do this. Hopefully, everyone started by now. If not, your child will only cram information at this point and may not do well if tested on the books.

Even if a book report is required, teachers can tell if something was just put together at the last minute. I always suggest as a teacher, to read a little each day.

Students are already accustomed to the required 20-30 minute a day during the school year. So reading into the summer should be an easy transition. Summer reading can be a burden to some families, especially for the kids who go to camp all day or for those who go on vacation.

My suggestion is to get it out of the way as soon as possible or to just work a little each day so it does not become an obstacle to anyone.

I suggest starting to get back to your normal school sleep schedule. During the year I go to bed between 9:00 and 9:30.

In the summer I go to bed much later than that. In a couple of weeks, I am going to start getting on my normal sleep schedule again.

Otherwise, I will be exhausted once school starts again. Starting your normal school bed time again will help, especially for the first day which will be the hardest to get up.

I suggest having everything you need ahead of time. This way you are not going nuts and running around like a maniac. This includes new clothes, school supplies, and any sports equipment. You should have your child’s supply list before school starts.

Most schools have this available way before the year begins. Buying new clothes ahead of time will alleviate the time-consuming task of what your child will wear from day to day. Also, having their shoes or sneakers by the bed saves a lot of time. Nothing is more frustrating when you’re ready to leave in the morning and you can’t find someone’s shoes.

Once school starts, taking out your child’s clothes the night before will also save time in the morning. I also suggest back packs to be all packed the night before and placed by the door ready to go.

Unless your child is buying lunch at school, preparing it the night before also saves a ton of time in the morning.

Eating a good breakfast is a necessity. I tell my class that all the time. Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I do keep extra snacks handy in case one of my students didn’t eat breakfast or forgot their snack. It is too long of a stretch from the time school starts until lunch time. I find that students work better if they are not hungry.

Trying to get everyone to school on time is not an easy task. You will find that these few tips will make your life so much easier.

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