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10 Things Every Lady Must Attain & Achieve Before Age 30

women at 30 years

What are the requirements or achievement of a lady that makes her complete or stands out among her peers? Here on Womenchannel.org, I want to list out, Ten (10) things every Lady must attain before 30 Years!

We all know that the dream of every lady is to be an independent woman. By the time she is sixteen years of age, she starts to conjure up so many fantasies in her head and build wonderful fairy tales.

In the diary of a girl, life moves so fast she hardly realizes that she is almost, or has reached the triple decade. However there are certain things every lady should achieve before marking her 30th birthday, and these 10 ten things are listed below;

women at 30 years

10 Things Every Lady Must Attain Before Age 30

1. A good education:

The #1 thing a lady must be able to achieve before reaching 30 years, is a good education. Education here is not the formal University education; however, by education, we refer to a trade, business or employment that she can rely on.

The sole purpose is to make sure she doesn’t rely on a man for all her daily needs or petty cash to finance her needs. She should be able to take care of herself at least.

2. Full S£×ual Education

Another achievement a lady must attain before her 30th birthday is this education. By this age, every lady should have acquired every possible knowledge of s£×, and get this knowledge and education to a standard that she can teach her offspring, relatives, and community the same.

3. Mastery in Cooking

Yes I know we’re in the 21st century, Yes I know the Man should also help the woman in the kitchen, but wait, as a Lady, you should be able to easily and creatively prepare a meal. You must and should master the act of cooking before your 30th birthday.

If by 30 as a female and you simply cannot prepare a wonderful, tasty meal (even if it’s her local dishes) then something is absolutely wrong. She does not even have to be a professional cook, but she should be able to ‘wow’ her friends, relatives, and lover (if any) once a while or every time with her wonderful meals.

4. A confidence outlook

Before the age of 30, every lady should be bold and have confidence in themselves, accepting themselves for who they are; she should be able to address anyone, walk into any space e.g. into a classroom where only boys are no matter their numbers if the need arises.

5. A Sense of Discipline

Every lady at this age should have laid for herself solid principles, tough and outlined rules to live by. For example, at this age, you should be able to tell yourself no late-night, no s£× on the first date, no this or no that – this varies from one lady to the other, but be ready to live by your principle irrespective of peer or social pressure.

This makes you stand out and responsible.

6. Menstrual Attainment

This is sounding crazily funny, right? Well if you haven’t seen your period at the age of 30, you’re in serious problem already.

7. A Trusted Adviser

Unlike guys who can just talk to or walk up to anyone to get advice, every lady needs at least one person she can run to when she is in dire need of wise counsel.

You can use social media for this purpose, like asking a question in an interactive group, but just to save face, you’ll say it’s your friend. But we should also know that social media won’t solve all, there is going to be that once when she has to talk to someone; so get a trusted person NOW who you can rely on their advice.

8. A home (Not your parent’s home)

Preferably that place should be her husband’s house, but in a case whereby she is still not married, or a situation where there is no future plan to settle anytime soon; she should get a decent but not too expensive accommodation of her own.

At this age, you should be able to do things for yourself and take decision that will affect your life positively.

9. Sound Religious indoctrination

Not everyone would agree to this point here, but its common saying to hear people talk about the power of the praying wife and the influence it has on her immediate family. This is one attribute most Mother in Law loves in their daughter in law. if the ladies don’t agree, every guy must agree; we all need one.

10. A Fighting Spirit

A woman’s journey in life is always far and filled with stones blocking her paths. A woman must acquire a fighting spirit if she really wants to make her life wonderful and want to move ahead in life.

By fighting spirit, I do not mean being aggressive and always fighting physically, God forbid, I mean having the calmness to wade through difficult challenges with poise.

Final Conclusion

Finally, Let me come to the most important question of the day, How old are you? Do you see yourself as being a successful woman? Going through all these points which of them are you presently struggling with and how are you planning to solve it?

Any decision you’re making right now, it is important for a woman to always develop herself inwardly and outwardly.

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